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"Dr. Priscilla is the absolute best! The amount of knowledge she possesses is impeccable! She always thoroughly explains her treatment process and how it benefits me while being nurturing and attentive to my needs. Not only did she tailor my physical exercises for my ankle sprain, she also gave me exercises and diet recommendations to improve my overall well-being and body alignment. I really appreciate the amount of energy and care she invests in her holistic craft. Definitely would recommend!!"  Nekai My main goal was to get back to rock climbing after the break, and she worked with me and kept my priority in mind. During our final few sessions, she even joined me at the rock climbing gym to ensure I was able to climb safely. I would definitely recommend her to any friend looking for a PT in the area.enter text or insert images or tables, if necessary." B
"Priscilla is amazing; She helped me when I thought all was lost! Because of Dr. Priscilla, I can RUN again not on a treadmill but on my favorite surface- the streets!!!!! Thanks again Priscilla your the best!!!!!" Anthony 

I had been struggling with pains and functional body issues for many years. Everything just seemed to be getting worse, not better. I'd tried dozens of other healing techniques... and nothing seemed to help. Then I met Dr. Priscilla. The targeted exercises are exactly what I needed to get on the road to a pain-free, functional body. She's also really personable and a joy to see every week. I almost wish I still needed to see her." Augustin

"Naturopathic consultations with Dr. Priscilla have helped me to revisit, reinvestigate, and better understand how what I eat really does affect how I feel and how eating mindfully really does influence my overall health and well being! Dr Priscilla made specific, personal dietary recommendations for my symptoms. Since following her advice I am feeling much much better and have become much more aware of the correlation between my eating habits and how I feel physically. The clarity of the information has not only enormously helped me, but my husband too is looking more closely at his eating habits; we're feeling much better thanks to Dr Priscilla. I recommend Dr. Priscilla Parks highly and without reservation!"  Kristine 

"I met with Dr. Priscilla because I dislocated my shoulder.  As a performing artist, I needed to have my shoulders back at 100%.  With expert guidance, compassion and knowledge from Dr. Priscilla, I am back performing fully without pain or constraint.  I can't thank her enough for the mobility I have today!"  Gisela 

"Priscilla is AMAZING!! I had been to 3 other PT's before finding Priscilla, she is the only therapist who has correctly diagnosed the weak muscles in my left leg and helped me strengthen everything so I can get back to running again. She's the first PT that combines a holistic practice of cupping, massage and exercise therapy. I always look forward to our sessions she's so great!"  Elizabeth 

"Dr. Priscilla grew to be such a trusted source and a friend in my time of recovery. I knew from day one that she values wholeness. She will not only help you gain strength in one area of your body, but also pinpoints other areas that are connected. She gave all areas of my recovery so much tender love and care. It's obvious that she was born to do the work she does. I'm forever grateful for Dr. Priscilla and the incredible person she is!"  Elise 

"Dr. Priscilla Park has helped me address new and ongoing physical issues, with her intuitive and deep knowledge of the body. She is integral in helping me continue my professional dance career. I highly recommend her!"  Amy 

"Working with Priscilla was wonderful! She not only helped me alleviate pain in my knee from running, but helped me understand how my whole body contributed to this and how to fix it. I loved her mix of traditional PT exercises with other methods like cupping and Chinese medicine approaches. She was the perfect mix of empathetic and tough — helping me to stay accountable. Highly recommend working with her!"  Catherine 

"It was fantastic working with Priscilla. I had gluts and sciatic nerve pain from a ski injury. Priscilla did a great job analyzing and identifying the issues and developed a comprehensive recovery plan for me. We initially focused on pain reduction and then moved into longer term stabilization. I noticed a big improvement after just a few sessions and I was completely recovered after about eight sessions. Priscilla is competent, communicates well and is fun to work with. Highly  recommend."  Clemens 

"Dr.Priscilla was just who I was looking for in my recovery from my tibia/fibula fracture. During our sessions, she would explain the muscles that were activated in each exercise, and help me understand why it was important to strengthen that muscle. She would listen to me in regard to what my body needed, but also would listen to me talk about my life, and remember details about me personally from session to session.